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Contemporary & Traditional Wallpaper Styles | The Best Wallpaper Place

  • 3D Wall panels

    3D Wall panels

    Feature walls can take a fabulous new 3D appearance thanks to our 3D Wall Panels. 3D Feature walls are great for creating a focal point in a room. An eco-friendly, easy to install MDF board that can be painted in a colour of your choice. Perfect for residential and commercial interiors. The size of each board varies in size ranging from 30cm x 30cm upto a size of 100cm x 80cm.

  • Animal Print

    Animal Print

    If you’re feeling brave or if you’re a huge fan of animal print, then you can really go to town with incorporating animal print into your home. Giraffe print is fun and bold, whilst an exotic lizard pattern on holographic foil can provide a fantastic talking point for your visitors. Some wallpapers can even feature a raised animal hair effect, which provides an unusual texture and is extremely popular.

  • Art Deco

    Art Deco

    An influential collection of Art Deco wallpaper for walls inspired by the 1920's - 1940's; flourished with a modern interpretation that still keeps key visual art elements of the Art Deco era. Our Art Deco wallcoverings are available in a range of metallic finishes and designs that are modernised with glass beaded elements to create a stylish yet classic keep.

  • Beaded


    Shimmering, glass beaded wallpaper with extracts of swarovski crystals stylized with a glitter finish. Great for a glamorous interior and perfect for creating a dazzling statement piece. Beaded wallcoverings are available in a range of different wallpaper styles and are often combined in and around rich flocked extracts.

  • Borders


    Add definition to your walls with our wallpaper borders. With modern day techniques we are able to offer a "new style" of borders that are far from the typical design interpretation. We could almost categorise these as "wall mural borders" due to the scale of definition and possibilities available. Most wallcovering borders found in our collection are a complimentary extra to the designer wallcoverings available on our website.

  • Childrens


    We have an amazing range of Children's Wallpaper for every style of interior. Designs featuring: Stars, Stripes, Dots and fabulous themed kids wallpaper for girls and boys bedrooms. Our range is perfect for early years up until early teens.

  • Contemporary


    Contemporary wallpapers are designs that are used right now. Contemporary interiors are ever changing and can interpret styles from all different era's to incorporate them in a modern day interior setting. For the latest up to date designs that are current in today's trends browse our range.

  • Damask


    Damask patterns combine well in both traditional and modern interiors and are a great way for creating a striking, elegant statement piece. We offer a range of damask wallpaper finishes such as: French Style Damasks, Flock and Beaded Damasks, Glitter Damasks, Textured Damasks and vinyl finishes for easier care.

  • Feature Wall

    Feature Wall

    View our stunning range of top designer wallcoverings. If you are looking for a statement piece on your chimney breast or a bold statement piece for any interior wall, then our feature wallpaper category is the place to start. Our Interior Designers have hand picked an inspiring range of top designs that are new for the season and mixed them up with some modern and classic feature walls to give you the very best selection.

  • Flocked


    Flocked wallpaper designs are very common among Damask and floral patterns creating key textured elements to the designs. Many new wallpaper designs implement a flocked texture resulting in a wide range of flocked wallcoverings such as Geometrics, Stripes, Textured Plains and Animal Print. Browse our range to find all the best flocked wallpaper.

  • Floral


    A great way to create a stand out feature wall is by using a floral wallpaper. Floral designs are very common with Traditional and Classic interiors however newer modernised designs are a fast growing trend in home interiors. High end floral designs can feature flocked elements and are very common in vinyl and metallic finishes.

  • Geometric


    Geometric wallpaper is a very modern-quirky way of decorating your interiors. It creates a great statement piece and is available in a wide range of styles that are toned down or very fancy meaning you will be sure to find one for your taste.

  • Glitter Wallpaper

    Glitter Wallpaper

    Our Glitter Wallpaper range is available in over 70 colours and 2 Glamourous styles: Sparkle, a more textured Glitter wallpaper and Stardust, a smoother Glitter Wallcovering. Our Glitter walls range is perfect for both residential and commercial interiors. Its high quality fabric back nature allows for the possibility to stylise glitter in many more ways than just a feature wallcovering: Glitter Blinds, Glitter Pelmets and even sparkle cushions! Our alternative range of Glitter holographic is a Smooth Glitter wallpaper with a 3D Holographic Glitter print, smooth to the touch with a twinkling Metallic finish, perfect for those on a budget who still want a sparkly wallpaper.

  • Grasscloth


    Grasscloth wallpaper is a range of light cloth wallcoverings resembling linen. Also known as Sea Grass wallpaper, it is traditionally extracted from naturally woven plant fibres and through a complex process adhered to typically rise paper. Grasscloth wallcoverings are high quality and can be used as a co-ordinating design or used solely as a feature wall.

  • Holographic


    We hope you will love our Sparkling, Glitter holographic wallpaper. Available in a range of designs from Damask to Floral, Traditional to Contemporary and even plains with a lacquered finish. These high quality vinyl wallpapers are typically washable, which makes them perfect for busier areas of your home and great in moist areas such as bathrooms. Holographic wallpaper catches the light excellently and reflects its sparkly glow around the room, creating a highly desirable ambient effect.

  • Metallic


    Metallic Shiny wallpaper; or if you prefer a more subtle approach you can see our bold Matt finishes. Go extra radiant with our Metallic Glitter wallpaper style to make a statement. Metallic wallpapers are great for reflecting light around the room making small rooms appear larger. Generally, metallic designs are used as a feature wall to make a focal point in the room however metallic plains can be used as a co-ordinating design to most styles of wallpaper.

  • Mica


    Our extensive range of mica designs are available in natural mineral finishes such as soft stone, gravel, soft chip, shimmered chip, metallic mica, mica stripes, glass beads and glitter mica. A great option for a soft and subtle contemporary finish. Darker colours are perfect for a statement mica feature wall. Typically, these high quality wallcoverings are sold by the metre not the roll.

  • Modern


    Modern wallpaper is perfect for creating a rich sophisticated look. These designs are very contemporary with more subtle clean tones creating a striking defined interior setting. Most modern designs feature rich, calm but sharp tones that create a super stylish interior.

  • Modern classic

    Modern classic

    For Classic lovers who want to modernise their home or business interior whilst still keeping a classic look. Every few seasons our designer wallpaper companies re-design their top selling classic wallcoverings to provide you with an almost "new and improved" advanced re-creation.

  • Panels


    A great way to create and industrial Interior or modernise in a contemporary interior. We can provide you with near enough any style of panel wallpaper. Faux material wallpaper panels include wood panels, aluminium panels, concrete block panels, wooden block panels and even 3D panels.

  • Quirky


    A funky range of Quirky wallpaper that set a new level for wallpaper designs. If you want unusual wallpaper or like to stand out from the crowd then our range of quirky designs are perfect for your interiors. Create the unexpected and enhance your interiors with some of the most coolest wallpaper designs on the market. There are no limits to what can be created with wallpaper and our quirky interior wallpaper range shows how unique an interior can be.

  • Retro


    Urban designs offered on both shiny and matt grounds with a range of distressed textures that add authenticity to the retro look. Imitations of earlier styles and fashions from the recent past featuring fabulous collections for creating a 60's - 70's vibe along with modernised designs for a newer look.

  • Spots


    Browse our fantastic range of designer spot wallpaper. Spot wallcovering designs are available in many different styles including: Polka dot wallpaper, textured spots and large embossed dotted wallpapers. Large spot designs are a particular favourite among childrens wallpaper whereas small contemporary dots are a great feature in modern home interiors.

  • Stars


    Explore our exquisite range of star wallpaper designs for your home or business interior. We have a wide range of small star wallpaper and large star wallcoverings that are available in a variety of colours to suit every scheme. Star wallcoverings are very popular among Children's interiors and are also a great way to add definition to contemporary interiors.

  • Stripe


    Basic and effective, stripe wallpaper is one of the most popular styles in wallpaper design. We have a great range of classic stripe wallpaper or a new style of quirky, contemporary triple tone stripes that can really bring your interior to life. Stripes can be all different sizes and mixed together to create a beautiful modern interior.

  • Tartan


    Tartan was originally associated with Scottish Kilts but has seen an increase in use over the years by Designer fashion labels. We have sourced a superb range of Tartan Wallpaper of criss-crossed bands with a woven wool effect. Tartan wallpapers are great for country and coastal property interiors, often used on a feature wall. Modern Tartan wallpaper designs have also been created for contemporary interiors which can be found in our range of tartan wallcoverings.

  • Textile wallcovering

    Textile wallcovering

    Wallpaper can be so much more than just a printed design. The use of modern day technology has enabled designer wallpaper companies to produce textile wallcoverings that feature a type of cloth or woven fabric. These designs are a great statement piece and are very nice to the touch. They are generally more expensive due to the fabrics and technologies involved in creating them but will no doubt provide you with a stunning feature wall or focal point. Some textile wallcoverings can be harder to clean as opposed to vinyl wallpaper so make sure you check our important information before purchasing your textile wallpaper.

  • Textured


    Browse our range of textured wallpaper. Whatever style you are looking for you will be sure to find it in this category with a textured finish! Textured wallcoverings are very popular in all interiors especially contemporary and modern style homes.

  • Textured plain

    Textured plain

    Textured plain wallpapers are great way to provide a coordinating design whilst still keeping a wow factor. Many plain designs can be dull and boring however by adding texture to these designs it creates an all around masterpiece interior. Many choose to use a textured plain wallcovering on every wall instead of having a key focal point feature wall as it can be just as effective!

  • Themed


    Transform your interiors with our themed wallpaper. Our exquisite collection of themed wallcoverings feature a particular theme of setting that involves a certain topic or motif. These wallcoverings are great for home offices, children's rooms and commercial interiors.

  • Toile


    Toile de jouy wallpaper is defined from the French word meaning canvas. Our fine selection of toile wallpaper feature a repeated surface decoration of different scenes including: Countryside, Animals, Roman living, fighting soldiers and dancing children. A great range to excel in the Shabby chic style of interior.

  • Traditional


    Traditional wallpaper designs reflect classic decor looks and are often combined with antique decor to create a warming, comforting interior. Traditional styles include elegant furnishings but often emphasize on simplicity.

  • Vintage


    Our Vintage wallpaper provides you with the the high quality fashion styles and signature iconics of recent era's. A great style of wallcovering for creating an older retro/vintage look.

  • Vinyl


    Vinyl wallcoverings are generally water-resistant and are a great for kitchens and bathrooms. They're easy to clean and great at withstanding dirt and grease as they generally do not absorb stains. Vinyl coverings are also great for walls with imperfections (Depending on quality and thickness) as they can easily hide lumps and bumps and even cracks in your walls! Vinyl wallcovering designs are a very popular finish and are great for both home and business interiors.

  • Wall Murals

    Wall Murals

    Wall murals are a fast growing style of wallpaper, allowing the use of a large scale design on your wall. Our murals are produced to the highest quality using the latest digital print techniques that will make your surroundings look almost real. With the option to upload and create your own feature wall, the possibilities are endless; sit back and enjoy exotic beach scenery in the comfort of your own home, or put yourself in a New York skyscraper overlooking the city. A little too extreme? No problem, we offer thousands of wall mural designs ranging from panelling effects to abstract themed murals.

Contemporary & Traditional Wallpaper Styles | The Best Wallpaper Place

The Best Wallpaper Place have Designer Wallpaper Styles for everyone's taste including - Contemporary, Traditional, Damask, Animal Print, Metallic, Textured & Striped. View our extensive range of wallpaper styles and calculate how many rolls you need with our calculator. We offer one of the most up to date designer wallpaper for walls collections online. Order today!

Contemporary & Traditional Wallpaper Styles | The Best Wallpaper Place

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