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Designers Offer the Best Advice for Adding Glitter Wallpaper to Your Home

29.09.17 | Darryl Husler

Designers Offer the Best Advice for Adding Glitter Wallpaper to Your Home

The hottest new design trend brings a bit of sparkle to vision boards in the most sought-after interior decorators’ studios. Glitter wallpaper revitalises your space and changes the ambience completely. This fantastic design tool is easy to add in small doses for an instant lift. Add it to your whole-room makeover to capture the full wow-factor.

Interior designers love glitter wallcovering

If the idea of sparkly walls brings to seems only appropriate for a princess-obsessed six-year-old, look no further than interior designers who use this innovative and high-quality product to take their vision to the next level.

While walls covered in pink and purple sequins aren’t off the table if you are designing a space for an enthusiastic child or a fan of the fluffy cotton candy look, there are other options that enhance and add an element of sophistication to a room.

Here are just a few of the ways our professional customers use fabric-backed glitter wallpaper to create inspiring and thrilling spaces for their most valued clients:

    • - Use Black Glitter wallpaper below the chair rail in a formal dining room for the ultimate dose of elegance.
    • - To enhance a room that has beautiful natural light, keep the sparkle understated and use cream glitter wallpaper floor-to-ceiling as a reflective surface on a focus wall opposite of the windows. Choose neutral furnishings and surfaces for a calming and inspirational space.
    • - Bring a dark room to life by adding a wide border of glitter wallpaper to the top two feet of a space with a high ceiling. Match the wallpaper to the wall colour and let the light fixtures steal the show.
    • - Give a child’s room an exceptional glow by bringing their dreams to life. Cover their walls in glitter wallpaper to represent their favourite colours. If you decide to choose only one wall, make it the wall behind their bed frame for maximum effect.
    • - Even a hint of glitter transforms a room. For decadence, go for deep dark jewel tones. For sophistication and glamour, try white or pale colours. People who love contemporary style with clean lines tend to appreciate the depth and light a small dose of metallic glitter wallpaper provides.
    • - Add glitter wallpaper in the same areas of a room that you would add mirrors to reflect light. Indirect light bouncing off the tiny reflective surfaces embedded in high-quality glitter wallpaper gives a subtle sparkle.


When choosing glitter wallpaper, this is the only design tip you need

Your home reflects your style, taste, and personality. While searching for Glitter wallpaper ideas, putting together inspiration boards, and asking for the advice and guidance of professional designers is all part of the decision-making process, the truth is that your first goal is to create a space that you love.

Be brave with your choices.

Choose concepts that visually represent the space you most want to call home.